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ORCAA Recruiting Engineers and Compliance Officers

The Olympic Region Clean Air Agency seeks qualified applicants for an Engineering I position. This position is open now through April 1, 2011.

This position works directly with businesses on a variety of tasks associated with implementing the agency’s Notice of Construction (NOC) and Title V Air Operating Permit (AOP) programs, including evaluating compliance with  state federal and local air regulations, writing permits, conducting source inspections, enforcing regulations, and managing data and information.

The agency also anticipates a vacancy within the Compliance Section by mid-summer.

We expect to hire an Air Quality Specialist (AQS) I or II in the near future. The position is currently filled by an Air Quality Specialist (AQS) II.

The job descriptions and ORCAA job application for both these positions can be found here.

We encourage you to submit a cover letter, resumé, and an ORCAA application for the engineering position immediately. For the compliance position, you should send the same documents (cover letter, resumé and ORCAA applicaton) as well as your availability date in anticipation of the actual vacancy announcement. Pre-applicants will be notified when the job is announced. All applications received prior to the closing date of the job announcement will be considered for the position.