Adage Withdraws NOC Application

Citing poor market conditions for the energy production, Adage Mason, LLC has withdrawn its Notice of Construction (NOC) permit application for the construction of a 65-megawatt biomass-fueled energy generating facility in Shelton.

In the letter Adage sent to ORCAA announcing this decision, the company acknowledged ORCAA’s diligent work on a complex permit application. The decision to cease all work on the biomass-to-energy project was based on the poor state of the fiscal market for renewable energy.

In order to fulfill our commitment to the public, ORCAA will complete the task of compiling all the comments gathered during the 45-day public comment period and 6+ hours of testimony at the Public Hearing held in Shelton on January 31, 2011. ORCAA engineers will finish their responses to the science-based comments to closeout the project that drew such significant public attention.

Once those documents are completed, they will be made available on the ORCAA website.

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